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Rob Arkell

“I’ve been seeing Tracey for sports massage for a number of years now to make sure I stay healthy and injury free whilst training hard. I’ve been lucky enough to qualify for and race both the Ironman World Championships in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii, and the Ironman 70.3 World Championships, and regular sports massage has been essential. It has helped me to remain consistent and to identify and treat any potential niggles before they become a real problem. It’s great to have someone highly qualified local to me to help keep me on track and to put me back together again after a tough race! Thanks Tracey!”

Phil & Pippa

“The order of the itinerary is designed to allow gradual adjustment to the altitude” announced the brochure, so six months before our trip to Peru, we needed to get fit enough to cope. Grant started training us based on HIIT principles using ropes, bosus, kettlebells, weighted balls and viprs. The idea was to increase both our lung capacity and our recovery rate. We started gauging our improvement by an exercise which we called ‘2, 4, 6, 8’ : a burpee on a bosu then lift the bosu above our heads. Twice, then a break, four times, a break and so on to 10 and then down to 2 again. For the first few months, we had to have much larger breaks but by our trip, we were well up to speed with a quick recovery rate. And did it work? Certainly. We were comfortable at all altitudes although we could still feel the lack of oxygen. Here’s us at Mirador de los Andes at 4,910 m above sea level, a little higher than Mont Blanc and about the same level as Everest base camp!”

Brian Stevens

This Testimonial is for Grant Smith, a Personal Trainer that I’ve used for the past 2 years.
Having read many testimonials and references for similar services I’ve always been a bit suspicious of the persona being commented on. Suspicious from the point of view that they can sometimes be just helping a close friend to build a new business. This Testimonial is not that. This is about Grant who has spent much time and effort getting what was a derelict old man into somebody who now has less aches and pains and a better posture. My wife also says I walk better because of this.
After spending many years visiting a Physiotherapist, he suggested I make a lifestyle change and get myself in shape. He suggested that all I was doing was getting “things fixed at that time” rather than going for a long term solution for my aches and pains.
I now get less injury because of the work Grant has done to strengthen my body. He devises programs that are just right for me. I’m not a fitness freak but somebody who just wanted to improve my quality of life. Grant has helped in all of this and more. I have absolutely no hesitation in recommending him to anybody who feels they need help in making their life better.
As the ageing process has taken hold I can honestly say things are better in terms of how I feel and move. Unfortunately it has not improved anything regarding looks. I am certainly no Tom Cruise.

Dawn Armitage

Middle-aged, overweight and under active, I needed a quick fix and so decided to get a personal trainer. I would get one for 3 months. I would be whipped into shape and given the bikini body I have always wanted job done!  3 years on and I am still with Tracey! Yes I got my quick fix and OK maybe not quite a bikini body but most certainly a body I am happier with, and one that is a whole lot healthier, but what Tracey has really given me is the ability to make fitness a way of life, her knowledge, enthusiasm and encouragement is just incredible, she has given me the confidence to do so much more, I have even signed up for a half marathon this year and this is from someone who couldn’t run for a bus that long ago! Thank you Tracey