Sports Massage Fareham

Sports Massage Fareham

Massage is becoming increasingly popular for general relaxation, to reduce muscular tension or for the numerous other benefits. Tracey is highly experienced and fully qualified to carry out both Sports Massage and Swedish Massage either from her therapy room in Park Gate near Fareham or Spirit Healthclub at the Holiday Inn at Titchfield Home appointments can also be arranged at an extra charge.

What is Sports Massage?  It is a specific type of massage that uses deeper techniques to treat a range of problems, primarily by releasing and rebalancing muscles and tendons. Consider a sports massage as part of your recovery routine alongside good nutrition, stretching and rest. Sports massage can be used to speed up recovery and assist in preventing further injuries. In addition to relieving knots and tension, both before and after training, other important benefits include increasing blood flow to the muscles which helps carry protein and nutrients for repair


The deeper techniques mean that Sports Massage is very effective on a muscular level and is proven to work where some other therapies may fail. It can help with a range of problems including:

Back pain & sciatica

Neck pain and headaches

Sports Injuries

Repetitive strains (RSI)

Muscular aches and pains

Poor posture

Improving performance

Poor flexibility 

Injury rehabilitation

Sports Massage uses a variety of techniques including effleurage (friction to warm up the muscles); soft tissue release, deep tissue friction, neuromuscular therapy that targets areas most affected by sports use, as well as specific injuries. Regular Sports Massages are recommended for keen sports peope to assist in shortening recovery time after hard workouts and help you keep training all year round without injury.


This style of massage is more soothing and is ideal for people seeking relaxation. It is ideal for reducing stress and anxiety, promoting feelings of wellbeing, general muscle tension or simply just to treat yourself. Swedish massage uses a set pattern of movements across the whole body rather than targeting specific problem areas. Firm continuous strokes promote relaxation and work the muscles without using deep pressure. It also stretches the muscle tissues to improve flexibility and blood circulation.

What should I expect? – A medical history and short assessment is initially taken to ensure any massage is safe and effective. You should allow up to 75mins for your initial session. Further sessions can be booked for either 30 minutes or 60 minutes. Wear loose comfortable clothes for your session.

Prefer to have your massage in your own home? – Tracey is happy to arrange a home visit to properties in  Park Gate, Locksheath, Stubbington, Titchfield, Warsash, Whiteley, Sarisbury Green and Fareham.

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